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Mobilizing Aging in Place

In partnership with Dr. Wendy Hulko and the Population Health and Aging Rural Research (PHARR) Centre, Thompson Rivers University, we are recruiting participants to share their experiences connecting across health and community services.

Specifically, these are older adults who:

• Live in Metro Vancouver

• Are generally healthy

• Came to seniors programs after receiving recommendations from their healthcare


OR seniors program staff who:

• Are working with a city-run community centre or seniors centre in Metro Vancouver

• Have a senior or two who came to your program based a recommendation from their

healthcare providers

Brief description:

The Mobilizing Aging in Place (MAP) project, funded by Michael Smith Foundation for

Health Research aims to reach policymakers in municipal and regional governments and

health authorities with the voices of service users and providers via five digital stories, which

encapsulate findings from two studies on aging in place.

To create the digital stories, we are recruiting participants (as described above). Once the stories are completed, we will bring them “on the road” to rural/remote (Salmon Arm/Revelstoke/Prince George), and urban communities (Kelowna and Vancouver) to gather feedback. The digital stories will be released at a Knowledge Summit in Fall 2024 to which service users and providers will be

invited to attend.

Mark your calendars for a visual treat at the October 10th Summit in conjunction with World Seniors Day!

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