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Community Garden

Neurodiverse Urbanscape

The provision of urban spaces for optimal functioning will enable neurodivergent persons to participate more fully in society and interact with others. Best physical, social, and organizational practices may be ascertained via research-by-design, i.e., creating prototypes to optimize specific design elements with an A-B testing approach. These knowledge will enable place-based interventions for more inclusive cities.

Modern Design Workspace

Atmospheres for Inclusion and Connections

Inclusive programming are required to make sure neurodivergents and their care partners feel welcomed. Well-modulated environmental stimuli provide respite. 

Landscaped Street

Landscapes for Diversity and Wayfinding

Sensory landscapes with a variety of spatial qualities provide meaningful choices for solitude and connections throughout the city.

Video equipment

Design Research

Members of the neurodivergent community may be engaged via focus groups, workshops, and surveys with sophisticated modelling (e.g., SEM) to isolate the effect of specific elements.

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