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Precision Social Prescribing

Our web app auto-refers seniors who visit family clinics or pharmacies to the perfect program near home that will improve their wellbeing based on their "connectedness, feeling at home, and joyful play" (CAP) profiles. It builds community among isolated seniors and complements community health services.

Seniors who visit health providers are auto-referred to the relevant activity provider based on their CAP profile. The web app notifies all relevant parties and closes the feedback loop when the senior follows through to take up the prescribed activity.

Closed Loop

Health providers build community by pointing seniors to the auto-referral platform. Activity provider checks-in with seniors and Health providers can monitor progress. The Learning System supports community development for prevention.

A diagram of the CAP Model showing constituent factors and the referral logic


What does it take to disrupt the loneliness-cognition axis? The CAP Model drew on community psychology, environmental gerontology, and occupational therapy, and successfully identified effective mechanisms of action in a controlled trial.

Community health networks around Vancouver


The PSP platform scales with additional Activity providers and may be rolled out area by area. A feasibility study has been completed, and community stakeholders are rallying together at additional sites. Next sites: Kamloops and Richmond

Try it today

BC Precision Social Prescribing

For demo, select "seniors" and choose V5M when prompted. Provider accounts allow you to list activities and monitor progress, and are subject to verification. Learn more below or book a test with us.

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