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Fantastic conference Down Under!

Following the recent customer discoveries, Dr. Daniel Gan was invited to present at the Australian Social Prescribing Institute of Research and Education (ASPIRE) conference in Sydney.

Titled Environment | Activity | Connection | Health, the conference explored how social prescribing can improve Australians' health and wellbeing through arts and culture, nature, and communities. Here's an excerpt from organizer and ASPIRE chair, Dr. J. R. Baker, who also serves as CEO of Primary and Community Care Services:

"Drs. Candice OsterDaniel Gan, and Caitlin Muhl provided a fantastic rundown of different applications of co-design and co-production, from system level to models of care to community led and designed programs, to platforms that enable participation and connection, and to individually co-produced social prescriptions.

Social prescribing is both highly individual, and highly communal, and it takes time to design things with people and collectives of people (aka communities). We need more time and funding to keep things locally relevant, connected and driven."

See you at our next presentation at the Canadian Institute of Social Prescribing (CISP) conference in Toronto come September! Here's a sneak peek of the result of your contributions:

Special shoutout to co-authors Dr. Adam Hoverman and Dr. Kate Mulligan!

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