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Our Lab is hiring!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

We have 2-3 paid research internships with Fraser Health and community organizations to support tech-enabled social prescribing. Salary is approximately $20.40 per hour (benefits included) for undergraduates starting Fall 2023, with opportunity for extension to Summer 2024 (0.20-0.33 FTE).

A strong interest in community psychology, human services, nursing, or related disciplines is desired. Students with Indigenous background or research experiences are especially welcome. Please share widely. To apply, please email the following to by the end of August:

  1. Your resume, including relevant courses, work, volunteer, or research experiences, and

  2. A 1-page reflection of your recent volunteer experiences OR a summary of several highly cited articles (including references) on any of the following topics:

    1. how best to reach isolated older adults, or

    2. best practices for patient engagement in community health services, or

    3. current challenges of social prescribing and your suggested solutions.

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